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Dealer stamps/A4ts


I admit it.  I work at a dealer.  Just for 6 weeks now.  Service advisor. 
Not this job but any job would feel strange after having been self empoyed
for 18 years.  The reason?  Long story.  I am hoping this is temporary, not
this job, just not being self employed.   But the parts are cheap!

So about dealer stamps.  In these 6 weeks I've booked service early on many
occasions.  Some people just don't drive enough to hit the milage.  They
hit months in service. When this happens we do the service by the date, not
the miles.  Last week an 18 month old A6 with 7000 miles!  We did the 22.5
service or whatever it was.  This isn't at all unusual.  We go into
National service records and see what has been done in case we didn't do
some service.  We see the date in service and do the math.

The customer who racks up high miles is doing the 30K service in 14 months
or whatever. That guy will hit 50k long before he hits 36 months.

 Having the wrong book is not normal though.  Get the records from the
national computer records.

Service the oil more often than 7500 miles?  You can change it as often as
you want. Dealers don't mind. We offer, and so do other dealers $24 oil
changes done whle you wait. Just like Jiffy lube, only we don't strip

Now about the sluggish A4ts..  Try this.  Remember you have an adaptive
tranny.  Sometimes you have to get it to relearn just what full throttle
is. At services a dealer will use the 1551 to reset the tranny to engine
ECM throttle postion voltages.  Without the amazing 1551 tool, turn on the
key, don't start up just turn it on.  With the key on, floor the throttle
for say 15 seconds.  Just hold it down to the floor.  That will get things
back in sync.  There is a tech sheet that outlines this.  It works.

We have also changed a few tranny ECMs also.  Teething problems, but try
the key on WOT trick. May work and it does no harm.