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Re: 89 200 middle computer reaadout

TRACY.M.FINNEGAN@monsanto.com writes:
>      a new problem just developed.  when headlights are off, the middle 
>      computer readout (bar, mpg, gall, etc) illuminates just fine.  
>      however, when headlights are on, this computer loses its backlight, 
>      and data is no longer visible in pitch black cockpit.  all other gages 
>      and upper computer display (radio station) work fine.  i know how to 
>      remove the instrument cluster from past bulb changes.  so, does 
>      anybody have a reason why this gage doesn't work with the lights on?

You need to replace a bulb.  The "daytime" bulb is separate from the
"nighttime" one (the former illuminates in white and is bright, whereas
the latter is dimmer and lights through a red filter).

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