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S4 against a '66 V8 Mustang

I talked to a friend of mine Saturday and he told me that he saw a dark
colored  S4 while he was doing a business transaction in Carolton Ga.  He
said he knew it was something special even before he saw the S4 badge.
Along with him was another Audi without any marking on the back.  He
wasn't able to tell what model it was,  4000 or 5000 body.  At the stop
light, my friend said that he wanted to race and to let the S4 know that
he knew what it was but didn't want to get beat terribly; I have been
schooling him on Audi.  So after moving off relatively slow from the light
next the S4, he decided to gun it at 40mph.  My friend said he knew it was
coming even though he was ahead of the S4.  Suddenly he heard when the S4
put it down by wistling of the turbo and then swooosh!  Gone by like a
This was about three weeks ago around Carolton.  My friend said that the
S4 was from Floyd county in Georgia and the guy was businessman with a
business associate in the passenger seat.  Was this any of the guys on the
list with an S4 from Floyd county?  My friend just wanted to say that you
are bad.  I'm hoping one day he'll convert.  He has a sweet, partly trick
out, white, '66 V8 Mustang.  Let me know if this was you and if you were
computer chipped or stock.

Carey Lyn