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Re: Speeding Ticket...help wanted

Dave C. wrote:
near MArietta and fell victim to a speed trap.
> The ticket says I must appear in court next Friday.
between two signs 1/4 mile apart...one indicating 35 MPH the
other 55 MPH.  He says I was doing 50.  At 5:55 AM on a Saturday, in the

The speed zone starts at the precise location of the speed sign. Drivers
must not change speed limits until the sign is reached. Based on your
own description of your vahicle position relative to the two signs......
sounds as if you are cooked !!!
Next friday if  you plead not guilty..... a day in court will be set by
the judge and you will have to then find a lawyer, and go to court to
defend yourself against the officer which wrote the ticket. If you loose
(probably) you will have to pay:
The fine, court costs (higher than before) your lawyer fees, your time
You could declare yourself " no contest " to the judge. The judge may
then ask you if you have had other "moving violations" in the last 12
months. If the answer is no, he may be lenient with the level of the
fine. In Ohio the "excess speed " violations go into the driver's record
at the Bureau of Motor vehicles. This usually affects insurance costs if
investigated by an insurance company.
Hope this helps - Good Luck !