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Parts For Sale

1984 Coupe GT:

-Complete black vinyl interior (great shape) [offers]
-Driver and passenger side mirrors [$25 each]
-Guage cluster (oil PSI, oil temp, volts) [$30]
-A/C components [offers]
-Front struts (ATE powerdiscs, stainless lines, <1000k) [$100each]
-Sunroof parts [offers]
-All glass [offers]

1987 5000 tq:

-G60 brake calipers and carriers [$75 each]
-A/C condensor [$45]
-016 tranny [$200]
-center driveshaft [$40]
-Rear differential [$60]
-Driveshafts [$35 each]
-Steering rack [$60]
-Rear suspension camber links(low miles) [$45 each]
-passenger side mirror [$35]
-rear a-arms and hubs [$60 each]
-rear subframe [$60]
-headlights [$30 each]
-grille [$20]
-door handles [$25 each]
-body panels [offers]
-glass [offers]
-ski sack [$30]
-ABS sensors [$25 each]
-ABS hydraulic pump [$35]
-brake booster [$30]
-dash clock trip computer [$15]
-window switches [$10 each]
-seat memory switch [$15]
-Gray interior (no sport seats) [offers]
-CIS [offers]

1988 90q:

-Colgan Bra (used 1 season) [$30]
-ABS computer [$60]
-ABS sensors [$30each]
-Ignition control unit [$65]
-Fuel injection control unit [$65]
-Seat memory switch [$25]
-Window switches [$10 each]
-A/C recirc switch [$15]
-side mirrors (no glass) [$30]
-A/C compressor [$45]
-CIS [offers]

-4 5-spoke Motoring MB wheels 
     15 x 7inch, 4x100 bolt pattern (off of Coupe GT)
     New Yokohama A-509 205/50-15 [$400]
-Mac 11C ECU with Intended Acceleration Stage 2 mod 
	[$500 plus trade for stock Mac 11 B/C ECU]

Many other interior pieces and electrical knick knacks, please ask if not

All prices negotiable, Buyer pays shipping from Flint, Michigan.

Brendan Rudack
'98 A4tq no exhaust...
'88 90q G60's,  coil overs, major front end mods!
Fenton, Michigan USA