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turbo question

In message <> Mark Switek writes:

> I have a question about the water cooled turbos as all my experience with
> turbos is from at least ten years ago. In the past the car was supposed to
> idle down for a few minutes after running at speed to cool off the turbo to
> prevent oil seal failure. Has water cooling eliminated the need for the
> cool off period? I see nothing in the owners manual about cooling off the
> turbo.

It may have changed now, but it didn't change between the WR and MB
engines - the handbook contains the same caution, despite the MB being

That said, it must also be said that Audi Owner's Manuals are crap.
The 1990 V8Q manual that Roger has, for instance, has an index in the
front of the book that points you to the right page, and one in the
back that must refer to a completely different book.

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