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ANOTHER CQ for sale (& interesting background?) long-ish

Last Saturday I came across an interesting CQ while I was out running some 
errands. Standard disclaimers apply (no interest, etc...).

On my way to the mall I spied a dark Coupe parked in front of a place of 
business.  I immediately noticed that it had Audi OEM-style BBS wheels 
rather than the usual Speedlines.    Since these cars don't exactly "grow 
on trees" in my hometown of Akron, OH - I turned around to see if I could 
talk to the owner, tell him about the lists, etc...

The car turns out to be Charcoal metallic, with cloth interior.  Looks 
pretty clean and straight, but needs a good cleaning.  Has Ohio dealer 
plates (?).  I go inside and locate the owner.  I ask if it's a '90 or a 
'91 since I didn't get a look at the sunroof on the way in.  He says 
"neither".  I say "excuse me?"...

He proceeds to tell me it's a 1989 "pre-introduction" car.  Apparently it 
was one of the cars which Audi brought to the U.S. to train the dealers on 
the new Coupe.  Interesting.  We walk outside and he opens the door  so I 
can see the interior.   Power seats, cold weather pkg, (I think...) a 
normal U.S. spec CQ - except it has an extra switch in the dash switch 
panel, not sure what for.  It also has the older (square-style) turn signal 
and wiper levers.

The owner tells me he came by the car because he knew a dealer, and had 
done some racing with him, etc..  The odometer shows only 42,000 miles (!) 
which amazed me.  The owner said it's really more like 37k since he had 17" 
wheels on it for a number of years.  He "only drives it on Saturdays". 

He didn't have a lot of time, or seem to want to talk much, but he did 
mention that he was looking to sell the car.  The problem is that 
apparently it has no title, due to it's pre-production status, and 
therefore can't be driven on the street without a dealer plate.  He also 
said he had gotten a letter from Audi telling him he has to "dispose" of 
the car.  He said he figures that he can only sell the car to someone for 
use on the track, or part it out, or something.  He would like to get 
$4,000 - $5,000 out of it.  He has tried listing it in Quattro Quarterly, 
but got only one call - maybe some of you have seen it.

That's all that I know about the car folks.  I told the owner (Bill Fox - 
330.928.3402) that I'd post it to the lists for him.  If anyone would be 
interested in such an oddity then surely it would be someone here.  The 
owner's place of business is about 5 minutes from my home, near Akron, Ohio 
so if there's anyway that I can be of help, I'm available.

Dave Via
(91 CQ - apparently Coupes DO grow on trees in Akron now...)