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Re: Fwd: Quattro Truth

Phil said.
>Since their argument is not derived logically,
it's not amenable to logical treatment.
It amuses me more than a little this this group, having been so critical 
of "60 Minutes", is now doing _exactly_ the same itself - accepting some 
tenuously derived pseudo-arguments to claim the existence of a 
phenomenon for which there is no experimental evidence whatever apart 
from one or two people's assertions.

In the same vein I guess I find the same amount of levity in the fact 
that a seemingly well experienced person maintains the uninformed 
position that because he has not experienced something it does not 
exist.  I'd hate to think were we would be as a society if everyone took 
the stance that just because something has not been done to date, it 
can't be done.  That said Phil, I wish you would narrow that one size 
fits all paint brush.  I know enough of the listers to say the group 
doesn't take as gospel any offhanded comments, but judges based on trial 
error and personal experience.  After all just because one UK Q Club 
member seems to curb Quattro's we don't think you all do!

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