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FS, 81 UrQ, 86 5KTQ, 91 CQ

Hello all,
Seriously looking at houses and would like (need) to sell 2 of the 3 
following Q's.

81 UrQ, Euro spec obviously, ~42K miles, last 81 made, Diamant Silber w 
Kensington velour, 95+% mechanically, new pistons, top end, instruments, 
paint, G60's, crossed Brembos X4, SS lines, Fuchs, nice car.. yada,yada. 

86 5KTQ, platinum over blk sport int. 145K, Tons of maintainance, ext a 
7 int a 9, all works, a few extras incl CD, Phone, Fuchs, WG spring

91 CQ, grey with blk, 100K, new tires, rotors & pads X4, tbelt  service, 
5 star OZ rims, 2 small ext blems, int a 9+ $11K

IMHO all cars in above avg shape, most can be seen in southern NH or 
Portland Me area.  please email (mdeltergo@hotmail.com) or call
w 1800 452 8762 e 207 878 6930 for maintainance/other details

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