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Re: '92 V6 head gaskets - COST

At 08:43 AM 5/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>To replace the head gaskets?  Does that seem steep to anyone else?  How
>>much did the head gaskets cost?!  I'd like to see those specifics, if
>>you've got the time...
>Labor            $1347.10 (19 hours @70.50)
>Parts               $296.07
>TOTAL          $1643.17

I thought, I'll need to replayce gaskets, but it turned out, that also one
of the heads must be raplaced:(  So for the parts (head, both head gaskets,
some more less important gaskets) ~1000$ and ~600$ labor. Total - ~1600$.
But when I asked, how much would be, if replacing only head gaskets, it was
- ~200$ parts and ~350$ labor.
Thanks God, I'm not living in USA;))
Anyway, it seems very expensive...