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Re: newbie problems

>Belt squeal.  This didn't start till last night.  I'd have to kill a lot of
>pigs to duplicate this noise.  It goes away once past 1700rpm.  I looked at the
>belts (or what I could see of them) they are ratty and tatty.  I'm assuming
>they are the original belts, the car has 75,000 miles.
>Are these easy to change?  Is there a procedure listed on one of the web sites?
> The Quattro 20V website doesn't appear to have much info on this.

Probably means the timing belt is also original.  That needs changing immediately.  Recommended to replace the water
pump and timing belt idler wheel while you've got it open. Also recommended to replace the cam- and crankshaft front
seals.  And maybe the valve cover gasket if you are leaking any oil.
This service should be done at 60k and 120k, the water pump and seals are optional at 60k.
The procedure is a major PITA, mainly due to access.  After taking a look, I let my mechanic have the privilege.  I
stopped by to check on his progress, and he had the whole front end apart- bumper, grill, and aux. radiator all removed.
At that point the job is pretty easy.  All of the parts for this are pretty cheap by Audi standards- around $125-$200
total if my memory serves me..
I hope for your sake that other routine maintenance received more timely attention than the belts.
And welcome to the 20V club, the CQ is a great car!

Matt Rooke
'91CQ 116k