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Re: quattro-digest V4 #2163

Hairy green toads from Mars made Paul  Luevano say:

> > Thought I could get the trick programming intermittent wiper feature by
> > switching the relay. Went from a 443 955 531 to a 1 HM 955 531 C and can
> > only get the standard 6 sec. delay. To adjust delay I was told to: Switch
> 	I got the same relay for my car (1 HM 955 531 C) and got the same
> result.  I believe the part number you want to get is 1 HM 955 531 A,
> the "A" signifying the programable relay.  I have yet to try this relay,
> so I may be completely wrong.

Both of my relays are the "A" suffix, but I thought I saw someone
say that the "C" suffix worked for them. Maybe not.

If someone (Paul?) is interested, I have the working A relays in 2
of my three cars ('89 100Q and '90 90Q20V). I could arrange a quick
swap'n'test at Mt. Washington...


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