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Ficherman's Challenge - Name that Part

Hello Audi Parts Mavins:

My 90q (VIN WAUHC0892JA335170, manufactured in March of 1988) has a rear
anti-sway bar assembly fitted to it.  This assembly appears to be
factory-like in form and fit, except that the remains of a part sticker
can be seen on the bar.  However, my information is that a rear
anti-sway bar was not fitted to these cars until 1989.  Further, this
89-on bar reportedly uses links that have a ball-joint-like attachment
on one end, and a bolt hole on the other, whereas mine has
ball-joint-like attachments on both ends.  Speculation is that mine is
attached with links like those used on the 20V Coupe (front end?).  The
relevant parts numbers for these two cases are 893 505 389 for the rear
89-on and 893 407 465A for the Coupe.  

Would any of you who want to guess what's going on here please do so.
Was there an option here, or some early version of the sway bar that
someone could have retrofitted to the car?  Did someone sell a kit that
used eclectic Audi parts combinations?  The reason for this quest is
that one of the ball-joint thingies is loose, and I need new links, and
to get them I need a proper part number.  I suppose one could make them
out of Heim joints, but that is a last resort, with potential short life
in the NE salt.

                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA