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100 Fender and Boge Turbo Gas Parts For Sale

If anybody read the notes on my last post, you'll notice the
wagon just got a new suspension :-)

That new suspension included, new from Clair Audi (love that 20 %
discount...), lower control arms, strut bearings, sway bar bushings
and 4 OEM struts.  

The old wagon rides nice and smooth know, which means I get the
V8 back from the wife :-)

As a result I have 4 Boge Turbo Gas struts with about 20-25k miles
on them for the first $100.- plus shipping.  I liked the stiff
suspension my wife hated it, and finally convinced me to put the

Also got a perfect driver side fender that fit's 84-87 5k or 89-91
100/200 (excluding the 20v of course)  $100.- as well.....

Someone please buy this stuff I need cash for the Guzzi restoration :-)
Know that I know it runs good, I want to go into full speed ahead
resto on it :-)

Mike LaRosa  (978) 442-1250
90 V8
89 100 Wagon
76 Moto-Guzzi in need of brakes and lots of cosmetic help.....