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Re: Torsens: The Trojan Horse...


Being a new owner of an A4 1.8T qms and  not an engineer (immunologist), I am
trying to understand your arguments for VC and against Torsen.

But, if I may ask an ingenuous question, what are the "advantages" of a Torsen
diff and why does Audi use them if viscous diffs appear to be the better choice?
Is this a question of racing versus street? Or, is it just good marketing?

my head is still spinning (I knew I should have paid more attention in phyics

QSHIPQ wrote:

> NO, a VC can be equal or better.  OVERSTEER  on throttle all the time.  NOT so
> with the locker, that's UNDERSTEER on throttle all the time.
> ...
> ...  it isn't
> necessarily smarter or better than other absolute traction devices in a turn.
> 'TIB' absolute traction device ONLY in a straight line.  By definition of the
> device, AND chassis dynamics while turning.
> Confusing the two, only creates more confusion.