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Re: Tires comparo

What are the differences between the D40 and the very popular D60?
Dunlop's web site(http://www.dunloptire.com/) wasn't much help, only
listing info for the more popular D60.

I've got a set of D60 A2's on my 5k; they were the highest-overall-rated at
the time, though noisy.  Not anything to brag about, and it's fairly easy
to break 'em free on a 1st gear turn if the road isn't clean as a whistle.

I believe the q I'm aquiring has "Squarellis" as Andrew likes to call them :)
If a bad memory serves right, something like P700's?  Either that or it too
had D60A2's on it.  I can't remember.  The owner offered to throw in a set
of snows for free; I didn't have any garage space(our garage is full with,
among other things, a 944 in about 10,000 pieces) so I turned him down.  He
said they had about one seaon left on 'em; I couldn't justify it because
with NE weather changing every 30 seconds, who knows when you'd get enough
snow to benefit from them, or when the snow would dissapear and you'd start
tearing the snows to pieces?


>At 10:11 PM 5/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>I can go with D-40s _or_ SP-8000s with only a 10.00 per tire diff - anyone
>>out there who's tried both on a heavier car  (a la tq)? Size will be
>I have D40M2's in size 205/55-16 on A8 wheels on my '90 200tqw.  I've run
>the same tire on an '88 WMB 635csi (also a heavy car).  I've run SP-8k's on
>a 5k (no q).
>My opinion: I prefer the D40's over SP8k's because of better dry grip.  I
>think they are the same in the wet.  Both useless in winter.  D40's are
>definitely more rough riding than the SP8k's.  SP8k's last longer.  Your
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