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Re: Subject: 4k gas mileage

<<Is that 38 figure for the diesel Rabbit the EPA figure?  If so,
remember, YMMV!>>

My 1979 Wrabbit Diesel got 55mpg at 55mph. (Some modifications,
including some flow work on the head, headers, and a large bore exhaust,
4sp, no o/d)... note this was last year of German manufacture. Car blew
head gasket at 20k (hence the custom work)... ran perfectly with no
additional repair until being totalled by ex at 130k.

My parents were so impressed, they bought an 82 (4sp o/d). Complete
junk! When it ran (rarely) it sometimes broke 30mpg. At 60k, we
transplanted an 8v GTI drivetrain in it.  MUCH more power, same mileage!

Bill Elliott
85 UrQ (with IA mods for more... mileage?)