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LOSE MONEY FAST (with your t*rs*n)

oho, the torsen smearing campaign continues...

what do we have now?  the VC is better than the torsen.  proof?  the
fact that i can spend more time at the keyboard than you can.  the
fact that anybody who challenges me will eventually lose anyway
because i can out shout, out type and churn out more spam than anyone.
real facts are not important.  it's the impression that counts.

consider the fact that i don't have to know the difference between
the VC used a slip limiting device and the VC used as a center transfer
case/differential.  eh?  

or the fact that nominal splits will change when slip occurs.  the last
time this was pointed out to me, it went clear above my head!  huh?  what
was that all about?? never mind, the torsen is evil evil evil, don't y'all
forget that now, you hear?  it is worst possible device man could have
possibly invented.  audi is such an evil company to give us such crap.  we
should drive them out to fields and set fire to them and then go out and
buy them three letter vehicles. 

so, it's a dumb ass device eh?  so what would qualify as smart?  oh,
that's right.  the VC of course.  they use the fluid from a human brain,
didn't you know? 

<sarcasm mode off>

some people know far less than they'd like you to believe.  from a
handful of incidents grows a cottege industry.  i'd like to laugh this
off as simply a noisy quack but in the back of my mind i'm reminded of
the beating that audi owners took financially when the 60 minutes
debacle took hold, false as it may be.  what's the first rule of
politics?  "repeat a lie often enough and it becomes true".  i'm
not saying that everything claimed so far is a lie, but many of
the extrapolations are so ridiculous they would be funny if not
for the constant bombardment that will eventually transform it into
truthful fact.  dangerous stuff, indeed.. unless of course everyone
has already tuned out.


p.s. jeff, nice work on the interview, wish all the arguments could
have that same level of supporting documentation.