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Dialynx - or the accident?

Over the past few weeks, the (returned from repair) ur-quattro has
been ticking ever louder.  I decided to investigate.

I called in some favours, and Roger Galvin came over.  Partly out of
curiousity, I suspect, since he's still half-looking for an MB of his

The strip is straightforward if tedious - much like the WR with the
added complication of a water-cooled turbo and the Dialynx manifold.
The raised "Dialynx" logo embossed on the manifold fouls one of the
inlet manifold screws ...

Anyway - six hours later, it's off.  The exhaust manifold was blowing
from three ports - all round #1, to the front of #2, and at the back
of #5.  The bottom front stud is sheared off in the head, so the head
will come off later and go to an engineering shop for the stud to be

Superficially, the manifold _looks_ flat -it's nothing like as bad as
John Robinson's "Series 1".  It certainly shows no signs of the fine
cracks that stock Audi manifolds develop.

I did the VAG 1348/2 injector flow test before stripping, and the
injectors are within tolerance at 76ml +/- 2ml = in 20 seconds at 30mm
plate deflection.  The official tolerance is 8ml.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 01536 723021
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