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Marketing 101

In message <354EA902.EF233DFD@ix.netcom.com> "James M. Simone" writes:

> Thanks for the reminder. I drive on a winding mountain road everyday as
> the
> major part of my commute. With my FWD Sentra-SER I could push it to the
> limit,
> even in the rain. I tried to approach those limits last night in my
> three week
> old A4 1.8T qms. Boy, did I feel like a teenage driver again!

I used to use what we call a "rat run" through to the M1 motorway,
pretty nearly every week.  It goes through over a dozen tiny villages
on roads that are surfaced but sometimes only single track and very

I got it down to a fine art in a RWD Ford Granada, and could hit the
M1 in 25 minutes from leaving home.

When I bought the MB, I expected great things from the handling - but
on the first trip I found it really hard work and not at all what I
was expecting.  By the end of the trip, I was wondering whether I'd
done the right thing.

Then I noticed I'd knocked seven minutes off the time.

 Phil Payne
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