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Marketing 101

In message <354EACD0.8B4B7463@ix.netcom.com> "James M. Simone" writes:

> So, do the Audi safety geeks (and their law department) just hope that you don't
> ever approach those limits, or do they assume all roads are straight as an arrow?
> ;-)

This is the killer, for me.  There is _NO_ public literature about
Torsen safety issues - nothing in the driver's manual, and nothing
anywhere that I can see in the public domain.

It's a phantasy.

> Again, please excuse my ignorance a little longer, but which AWD system then was
> the Audi team using before it was recently disallowed?

Opinions and practice vary.  The BTCC car that I lay under for an hour
had _no_ centre differential at all.  There was a debate here a while
ago about the characteristics of the carbon fibre prop shaft - although
both carbon fibre and cylindrical shapes are ideal for rigidity,
it was proposed that wind-up in the system was all they had.

I'm certainly not aware of Audi rallying the Torsen to any degree, but
then rally cars usually run on loose surfaces with the centre diffs
either absent or locked.  Torsen does not kill grannies, but it doesn't
win competitive events either.  It's an all-weather, all conditions
compromise device, and in motor sport there is no need for compromises.

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