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aftermarket wheels (marginal audi content)

Three-part query regarding aftermarket wheels (pls reply privately):

(1.) I am writing a story for a publication on aftermarket wheels, which
as is obvious from a quick spin around the block, any block, are all the
rage right now.  Is anyone on the list who is in the auto aftermarket
biz familiar with any national association of aftermarket wheel
marketers?  I'm not talking about individual manufacturers or retailers,
but a trade group(s).

(2.) Have any Philadelphia, PA, area listers refitted their rides with
aftermarket wheels in the recent past?  If so, pls share your
experiences with me.

(3.) Has anyone on the list in the U.S., regardless of geographic
location, had experience with shops that repair bent or otherwise
damaged aluminum or alloy wheels?  There used to be but a single shop
(in Wind Gap, Northhampton County, Pa.) that advertised this kind of
work in the back of AutoWeek.  Now there are several.  Again, pls share
your experiences with me.

I'll mail copies of the article to anyone who responds and is quoted or
cited in it.  Thanks.

Shaun Mullen
West Grove, PA