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Re: Tires (the core dump version)

Ed:  Regarding the tire size, I have run 225-50/16s for several summers and
they fit just fine.  Regarding tread wear on the inner rib, if you are
talking mainly the fronts, then I have the same problem.  It comes from not
going around enough corners at high speed (ha-ha).  Actually, I have always
understood that the average droF has plenty of positive camber (tires lean
outward at the top) because this causes lots of understeer.  This serves to
both discourage fast cornering (it feels terrible) and it automatically
scrubs off speed if you do go fast into a corner (considered to be safe).
The alignment specs. for our cars call for a negative camber front
alignment (tires lean inward at the top).  This improves the cornering, but
the inner tread blocks wear prematurely (especially bad, I think, with
stiff sidewalls).  I think the problem can be reduced by asking for a
0-camber alignment, but I just go ahead with the factory settings on mine.
What the heck!

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q

At 10:50 PM 5/4/98 EDT, you wrote:

>I'm close to putting new tires on the 200qw and would like to solicit
>comments, opinions, and yes, actual experience from anyone who cares to
>I am 99% decided to go with Pirelli P6000 Sport Veloce 225/60/VR-15.  I
>have seen this size on a 91 V8Q and it seemed to fit just fine.  I do not
>plan to lower my car and have chosen to go up one size from stock to fill
>the wheel wells better, protect the rim edges better, and to make the
>gearing more long-legged, even if only slightly.  
>I have seriously considered Dunlop SP4000, Dunlop D40M2, Yokohama S4-Z. 
>I have read all the Tire Rack material on the web about these, and have
>gone to each company's respective web site to gather more info.  The
>Dunlops were attractive due to price, but ruled out because of
>yesterday's engineering and the fact that I've already had the SP4000's
>on my CGT and would like to try something different.  The Yok's were more
>than the Pirelli's, $88 vs $100, probably the difference between V and Z
>ratings.  I have had Pirelli P500's on the CGT and was happy with them. 
>I had Dunlop D60A2's on my 5kcstq and they were okay, but definitely not
>an option this time.
>I've heard the "Squarelli" joke already, haven't experienced it myself,
>but am open to all input.  I must admit the esthetics of the Pirelli
>sidewall and tread appeal to me and that that aspect is as meanigless as
>the color of plug wires, but is a contributing factor nevertheless.
>Go ahead.  Take a short break from the Torsen thread and give me some
>feedback.  My current tires are showing steel (don't ask) so this is not
>just idle discussion.
>BTW, I have a theory that an undersized tire (205/60) on a 7.5" wheel
>with a max inflation pressure of 35 psi combined with the weight,
>alignment specs, and power output of my IA Stage III equipped wagon
>conspired to wear the inner tread rib at an exponential rate to the rest
>of the tread surface.  Also interested in some input on this idea.  Had
>the darn thing aligned twice at two different places, the second of which
>I have a great deal of very positive experience with and the treadwear
>never changed throughout.  What do you think?
>Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
>91 200qw ........................ 87 Coupe GT
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