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(limited) VC experience

I'd like to throw in my own two cents worth about VC differentials.

My '92 Nissan Maxima SE had one, and I grew to loathe it.  There's talk here
about how some don't care for Torsens, about how certain situations can upset

Well, the reason I don't like VC types is because of their lag in responding to
differences in traction, and the jerking you get in the steering wheel
because of it (when used in the front differential, of course.)

Driving in the rain became an exercise in evasion, because going through *any*
puddle with only one of the front tires caused a jerk in the wheel towards the
tire in the puddle, because the VC can't respond instantly to difference in
traction.  You had to be careful in making your corrections, as you could
easily end up over-correcting, once the VC differential caught up.  In corners,
it was even more fun (not).

Obviously, you become acclimatted to your car's quirks, and learn to deal with
them.  My only point here is that VC types aren't the total solution, either.

Just my experience ....

'92 S4