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Torsen in racing...a real question

This torsen debate seems to be going the route of most long threads
here, to-wit:  People getting stuck on their view and then getting

I would like to move away from the emotional side of this and onto the
factual.  As I have said before, I have not been "bitten", at least
that I know of, so...to the question:

If the torsen is as good as some here have argued, and argued well I
might add, where is it in rallying?  The cars that seem dominate [WRX;
Cosworth; Toyota (was); Mitsubishi; etc.] what are they using? I
realize there are high-tech parts on these cars [tranny brains], but
even their streetable siblings seem to get awesome press that hardly
ever mentions Audi cars, unless a historical reference is made.  

Really, what I am wondering is why Torsen is not used more than it is,
if it is as good as advertised?

thanks for non-flames:)


ps  about the Audi law department thing?  Unless Audi is different
from the manufacturers I have wrestled with, the first line of defense
is usually an allegation of misuse of the product.  This is seen under
some pretty amazing [amazingly simple and benign] factual scenarios.