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RE: Water cooled turbo conversion-ur-quattro

With used oil and water lines the additional cost should be <$200 US. Additional work is minor. The trickiest part is removing the freeze plug and installing the WC plug with the nipple for the water return. This can all be done with the engine in place. The rest is simple bolt-on stuff. IMFO, it would be a major mistake to go to all the trouble to swap the turbo and NOT to go for the K24 WC upgrade.


>The WC K24 turbo was the best single upgrade I had performed to the 85 ur-q
>up to that time. It is the superior throttle response and greatly improved
low-end >torque that really makes it worthwhile, not just the fact that it is
water cooled. You >will need the correct oil and water lines for the K24 turbo
from a donor vehicle. >You will also need the 'freeze plug' with the nipple
for the water return. All in all >this is not a technically difficult upgrade
and is highly recommended.

Steve suggested this but I am assuming this would be too costly but more so
might introduce more work/dollars then I am willing to spend. Anyone have any
numbers they'd like to toss out?