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Re: 4000 power locks

Hairy green toads from Mars made Mark L. Chang say:

> I believe it is only the driver's side door lock that actuates the whole
> system.
> mark
> 87 4kcsq -- no power lockage.
> On Tue, 5 May 1998, Derick Farfan wrote:
> > I was wondering if the power locks in my 85' 4000s (non-quattro) is
> > supposed to work with the passenger's side door lock as well as the
> > drivers, or is it only the drivers.

I don't know that the 4K is any different from the 5K/100/200, but
these work from both front doors.

The quickest fix is to pop the rear seat to expose the pump, then
unplug the connector, and replug it in. This seems to reseat the
contacts which get dirty. BTDT.


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