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Re: Confessions of a Noble

Supposedly, Audi had a variable traction control device that allowed them
to run front, all, or rear wheel drive by means of a cockpit controller.
Maybe that could have been part of the reason for using "open" or
clutch/vc type center diffs in some races. How bout it's as simple as
this: A conventional type diff is more predictable under most (racing)
conditions than a Torsen. A Torsen might be better on the street under
some conditons?

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On Tue, 5 May 1998, QSHIPQ wrote:

> Phil writes:
> >I'm certainly not aware of Audi rallying the Torsen to any degree, but
> >then rally cars usually run on loose surfaces with the centre diffs
> >either absent or locked.  Torsen does not kill grannies, but it doesn't
> >win competitive events either.  It's an all-weather, all conditions
> >compromise device, and in motor sport there is no need for compromises.
> --
> HOT DOG!!!  Getting close to bringing another to the dark side...  I'm
> thinking that maybe you are getting the hang of this Phil.  
> :)
> Scott