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RE: Water cooled turbo conversion-ur-quattro

Hey List,
I think there might be a simple way to upgrade to a K24.  I believe that
the 83 dasher used an oil-cooled K24.  Go to: 


Should (no BTDT here) bolt straight into any pre-86 turbo, no water line
conversion.  And it is probably REAL cheap if you can find a used one.
I know, I know, the virtues of a WC turbo and all.  This could be a real
cheap upgrade ($100?), as opposed to the WC option ($1,200+ turbo; ,
water lines $200+).  Any BTDT's?

Gary M. Lewis
1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   195,000 miles (and counting...)

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> Subject: 	Water cooled turbo conversion-ur-quattro
> All,
>  I'd like to hear the experiences any of you have had converting your
> ur-
> quattros to the K24. I have three options for my 85 urq. Have my turbo
> rebuilt-$300, have a custom job done-$500 or convert to the water
> cooled
> turbo-$?.
>  I'm interested in hearing about all of it.
> Thanks
> Anton