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Re: quattro-digest V4 #2166

Hello everyone.  Two technical questions for you.  I have a friend with a
1994 S4 with two problems sitting at the dealer.  He requested that the
dealer look at what was up and advise.  He would then have them service it.

1) He was getting a gas smell which turned out to be a leak in a fuel line.
The dealer wants to replace the fuel line for a total of $175 parts and
labor.  Additionally, the dealer wants a diagnosis fee of $150 for their
time For a total of about $325 for the repair.  Is their another thought?

2)A pressure valve within the brake accumalator has gone bad not 6 months
after a new one was put in at a cost of $600.  Anyone heard of this one?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

-Eric Friedman