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Formally Northern California Turbo

I'd like to make a plug for this company. They are no longer in
California but Golden, Colorado. I spent about one half hour speaking
with Holly Latour and she is extremely knowledgable about our turbo
charged cars. Holly told me during our conversation that they have been
building a lot of specialized turbos for Audi rally applications. Also,
on any given day they have three or four KKK turbos in their shop for
 She also made mention of a dealer supplied kit for converting to the
water cooled turbo. Anyone know the cost of this kit?
 Anyway through our conversation she talked about an interesting
upgrade. Evidently you can replace your compressor side wheel with a
larger one increasing overall airflow by 27%.
 She assured me there QA guy is a perfectionist and is notorious for
sending turbos back if they don't meet his standards. For $310 they'll
balance and blueprint, use all  OE parts and send it back as in new
disclaimer: I have not decided if this is where I am going with my turbo
but it makes a nice option.