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Re: Quattro -v- other 4x4 systems

Andrew Jackson (CCC-REO) decided to speak these words:

>The 90q on the other hand seems to have none of these benefits. And, to make
>things worse, its not even predictable because its characteristcs can change
>mid corner.  Quattro may be fine to help a family car in poor road
>conditions, but I do not believe it to be a *PERFORMACE* 4x4 system. It
>greatly detracts from driver pleasure and, as such, means that the car is
>not at "driver's car".
>My very positive experience of 4x4 on the Ford convinced me that I'd NEVER
>go back to 2 wheel drive.  When I blew the engine on the Ford, I decided to
>upgrade to a 90Q. But I've been so disapointed with the 90Q that I'm getting
>a new engine fitted in the Ford so that I can sell the Audi.

Maybe you should have gone with an 


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