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RE: Why BMW 325iX and 525iX sucks?

... every design has trade-offs.  While I am very much an Audi fan, one must
acknowledge that the BMW AWD design has advantages over Audi's quattro.
Actually my understanding is that the BMW design was very similar to the
Jensen design.  The main disadvantage to the longitudinally mounted engine
quattro design is the fact that the engine MUST hang out in front of the
transmission.  This affords the lower stance of course, but affects weight
distribution and polar moment.  People may shoot me for this next statement
... and the last thing I would ever be is an adnoH fan, but you've gotta
admit that the FWD drivetrain that was designed for the "Acura Vigor" was
the way Audi should have gone to continue longitudinal engine mounts.  (I
attribute this to my observation/belief that adnoH is actually following
Audi's designs ... :)  Perhaps the shorter, lighter V6 and V8 mills help to
minimize these issues ... and it appears that the newer cars' front half
shafts are no longer running perpendicular to the direction of travel.  

All said, I have to say that at least in the USA I'd never recommend an iX,
simply based on the fact that there were so few built and the car was so
different than the RWD versions that maintenance will be a nightmare, even
as compared to a QTC.  The situation may be different elsewhere in the
world, I can't say.  I don't think I would ever say that the iX "sucks" ...
but I'll keep the quattros in my garage, thank you very much ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> Basically, the iX cars had FWD kludged onto an existing RWD platform.
> Required increasing the ride height and CG and other REALLY NASTY (tm)
> things like a front axle-shaft routed _through_ the oil pan, etc. The
> quattro automobiles were all designed and purpose-built around AWD, not
> AWD patched on as a 'me too' afterthought as with the iX.

> I've heard a lot from Audi Quattro fans that BMW 325iX and 525iX AWD
> sucks. The only argument they use is that Audi knows how to make AWD
> cars and BMW does not. That's great, but that would be very interesting
> to hear some more technical information.