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Re: keyless remote not working

Two things to try first:

To resynchronize the security code in the key/car you should unlock
either front door within one minute after unsuccessfully trying the

To reprogram the security system for the key:
(from owner's manual)

-Insert any key into the ignition switch and turn the ignition
-Lock the vehicle (with the key you wish to program) from the driver's
or passenger's side front door.  Remove the key.

-Point the key whose code is to be programmed at the sensor on the side
of the car and press the button from one to four times.  Pressing the
button once will program memory position #1, pressing twice will program
to #2, etc.  The sequence of presses should be in one second intervals,
and up to four presses should be completed within five seconds.
The alarm horn will sound briefly after each press to confirm.

-Wait five seconds after pushing the button the last time, and then
press the button once again.  The car will unlock and the programming is


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Christos Anesti!

Scott 20191668 Bermes wrote:
> Well, in typical Audi fashion, the keyless remote for my 92 100CS (first
> generation keyless remote?)is not working.  I put in the four new
> batteries (the correct way) and it's still not working.  Since there is
> a circut board involved, and new ones cost $125, I was hoping someone
> out there had some suggestions I could try.  Appreciate any info.
> TIA,
> Scott