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Re: HELP!!!! Cooling Problem

Sometimes overheating kills a thermostat. Check and replace anyway. Check
for blockage, bad cap, and change the motor oil. Overheating is very bad
on motor oil.

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On Tue, 5 May 1998, Thomas Turse wrote:

> Hi all, just a quick question about a recent cooling problem I've been
> experiencing.  The other day I was driving up to Pikes Peak and my car
> started overheating and coolant was leaking everywhere.   I pulled over and
> opened the hood, when the car cooled and smoke cleared it seemed that the
> coolant was spraying from under the filler cap.  This has never happened
> before and the outside temp was only in the 60's.  I let the car cool and
> refilled the radiator w/ water.  After letting the car run at idle for about
> 15 minutes, the car was at normal operating temp so I drove it around
> Manitou Springs for a while and no leaks or overheating.  I cautiously drove
> back to Evergreen.
>     The next day I drove around the mountains for a while and everything was
> normal.  Then yesterday driving home form work in Denver, the temp gauge
> started to raise to the upper 3/4 mark on the gauge and sure enough steam
> started to pour from under the hood right at where the filler/resivour is
> located.  I checked the cap and everything seems normal.  Also, The symptoms
> are:  under normal driving conditions and consistent outside temperature
> range the temp gauge will abnormally move to the upper marks of the gauge,
> w/ no warning light coming on.  Then  steam and coolant leak from the
> vehicle, seemingly from the filler cap.  There don't seem to be any other
> cooling system leaks when the car is cold/parked- no drips at all. The
> problem seems to only occur when the system is hot/under pressure and I
> can't explain the sudden increase in the temp gauge just minutes before the
> overheating occurs.  Any suggestions or thoughts on this problem would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Thomas C.  Turse
> tturse@ps-b.com
> 85 4ksq   141,000