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Re: [Fwd: Formally Northern California Turbo]-Turbo Engineering

   The new name of this company is Turbo Engineering. If anyone has additional
   experience with them please let me know. I also forgot to mention that I
   got a plug in for the Q-list and Holly wasted no time telling me there may
   be a discount to the list if q-listers send their turbos to Turbo

   > I'd like to make a plug for this company. They are no longer in
   > California but Golden, Colorado. I spent about one half hour speaking
   > with Holly Latour and she is extremely knowledgable about our turbo
   > charged cars. Holly told me during our conversation that they have been
   > building a lot of specialized turbos for Audi rally applications. Also,
   > on any given day they have three or four KKK turbos in their shop for
   > rebuild.
   >  She also made mention of a dealer supplied kit for converting to the
   > water cooled turbo. Anyone know the cost of this kit?
   >  Anyway through our conversation she talked about an interesting
   > upgrade. Evidently you can replace your compressor side wheel with a
   > larger one increasing overall airflow by 27%.
   >  She assured me there QA guy is a perfectionist and is notorious for
   > sending turbos back if they don't meet his standards. For $310 they'll
   > balance and blueprint, use all  OE parts and send it back as in new
   > condition.

I got my K24/S4 turbo (UrQ upgrade) from Northern California Turbo lo
these many moons ago. I was obviously the first Audi/UrQ/NutCase they
had dealt with, but once I convinced the guy that I knew what I was
doing (Ha! Fooled him!) in mixing Audi parts, he thought it was a neat
idea and said in that case he would go ahead and order a whole bunch
of the K24s...(of course it took 4 months! Grrr! but it was half the
price of best Audi discount price I could find...and pretty much covered
the cost of the new/additional plumbing).

I'm glad to hear they're still around, and doing Audiistic stuff.

I'd have no problem recommending them, if they are the same bunch.