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My car update

Hey all, just wanted to let you know what my plans are for my car as it finally looks like i will be getting it fixed.   know i will have it fixed by pikes peak, so here goes:

i am cancelling the order of the 15x7 wheels as i finally realized: 1, that they are expensive, 2, that the two that need to be fixed might not be able to be fixed, 3, that i wont have the money to fix em and buy the tires for a while, probably after pikes peak, and 4, that getting the springs and great 14 inch tires is more of an upgrade than the wheels

ok, so what i AM doing:

$85 per tire Dunlop Sport 8000's in 195/55ZR14 size.  Incredible tire, only heard good things about them...

Koni Yellow Adjustable Sport shocks...thank god i didnt have to buy them...expensive as hell

$240 H&R sport springs.  Lowers the car 1.25 inches and is a progressive spring.

$200 Stress bar--this will really tighten up the frame and front end and will allow for better handling and stuff

$125 (this is still just a possibility)-- Fiberglass front chin spoiler.  I have a source where i can get a chin spoiler, it would attach to my front spoiler, but would stick out a bit, so where my current spoiler looks like this (roughly) \ the new one will look more like this >
so it will jsut add on a part under it that sticks back out foward...looks great though...


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