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Re: quattro-digest V4 #2175


the technology used in the awd system is less important that the other aspects
of the vehicle.  i posted excerpts form the "performance car" test of the
ur-quattro (torsen) against the ford xr4x4, the integrale, the 325ix and the
mazda 323 4wd.  test was the main feature in the march 1988 issue.

they made this exact comment, and preferred the audi ur-quattro over the lancia
and mazda with the ford 4th and the bmw last.

you need to be careful with this thread.  drive your car in a safe manner in a
safe environment, and then explore it's handling.  draw your own conclusions.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
>Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 14:26:00 +0100 
>From: "Andrew Jackson (CCC-REO)" <Andrew.Jackson@Digital.com>
>Subject: Quattro -v- other 4x4 systems
>Given the welcome return of the Torsen debate (I find _everbody's_ comments
>very interesting), I thought I'd raise a related question:
>Can anybody (pro- or anti-torsen) comment, from personal experience, on how
>it compares to other *PERFORMANCE* 4x4 systems in terms of driver
>I only ask because, having recently "upgraded" from a Ford Sierra (aka
>Merkur) 4x4 with fixed 60r/40f split to a 90q20v, I feel very disapointed.
>The Sierra was great fun. It exhibited the all benefits of each different
>type of power delivery: it had the reassuring front-end "pull" of front
>wheel drive; the controllable oversteering fun of a rear wheel drive; and
>the great traction of a 4x4.
>The 90q on the other hand seems to have none of these benefits. And, to make
>things worse, its not even predictable because its characteristcs can change
>mid corner.  Quattro may be fine to help a family car in poor road
>conditions, but I do not believe it to be a *PERFORMACE* 4x4 system. It
>greatly detracts from driver pleasure and, as such, means that the car is
>not at "driver's car".
>My very positive experience of 4x4 on the Ford convinced me that I'd NEVER
>go back to 2 wheel drive.  When I blew the engine on the Ford, I decided to
>upgrade to a 90Q. But I've been so disapointed with the 90Q that I'm getting
>a new engine fitted in the Ford so that I can sell the Audi.
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