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Re: Top speed 87 5Ksq?

I've had mine around 115 or 120 I think.
(On a track, of course. :-)

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On Mon, 4 May 1998 23:38:57 -0400 "Mr. Daniel P. Grady"
<dgrady@mail2.nai.net> writes:
>I got into a little spat with a 
>product yesterday on 291East in CT yesterday. I not-so-easily beat him 
>up to
>about 105mph when he backed off. I had my sun-roof open and it didn't 
>like the the little 2.3N/A had much more to give. Anyone know the 
>top-end speed for an 87 5Kqs w/2.3NA?
>From:  dgrady@ct2.nai.net

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