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Re: Cold air intake (5kt) thoughts

Ram effect would probably be noticable.  Try it with the hose pointing
down under
the car.  See if it's Ram or temp.  I'm interested to hear the results.

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On Tue, 5 May 1998 01:00:49 -0700 (MST) Robert W Obrien
<rwo@u.arizona.edu> writes:
>More sub-$10 upgrades: I had just finished installing a new clothes 
>(by Maytag- but don't know max RPM) and hooking up the hose to 
>it, when I had the thought about how hot the intake air on a 10vt is.
>Well, there's no time like the present. Off to Pep Boys for a 20" x 3"
>length of air intake hose ($7.38) and begin to experiment. Now, my 5kt 
>its turnsignals now located within the DOT headlights- and empty holes 
>the bumper where the signals should be. This is where the air hose 
>out, after I affixed the other end to the horn-shaped outlet on the
>airbox. To the Interstate, Batman! I figured the cold-air intake with
>slight ram effect would be most noticeable here... Seat of pants sez
>60-100mph in fourth is now a grin-inducing rush. Hits 1.3bar more 
>with an amusing whoosh from the front end to match the roar from the 
>tip out back. 
>Assuming lack of water ingestion (in the desert, highly unlikely, at 
>time I would raise the hood and disconnect the hose) is there any 
>at all besides moisture that this should not be done?? I will cover 
>end in mesh to prevent 100 mph stone/wasp/bird strikes on the air 
>I realize that this topic has, in various ways, been covered before. 
>taking hydrolock out of the picture, *what* downside? Why didn't they 
>the air intake away from 2" above the turbocharger? Comments/BTDTs
>Regards, Rob
>1987 5000cst 5speed- No 60 minutes, no Torsen. The scandal-free type 

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