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Audi Service Training Booklets Available

Attention Audi Fanatics

Several years ago while working on some Automotive Test equipment, I met
with a local Audi Service Training Instructor to discuss automotive

At the time, he gave me several of the factory Audi Service Training
booklets which normally are given to Audi Dealership technicians after
they complete a training program. These Service Training booklets have
intimate details on the "design" and "operation" of the Audi vehicle
systems. Most of this information can be found no where else, especially
not in the Bentley's.

I have been hooked on these books ever since, and have tried over the 
years to get as many of these things as possible. From my contact at the
local Audi dealer parts department, I previously purchased all the 
latest Service Training booklets including the one covering the 1998 
Model Audi A6 and the latest OBD-II Diagnostics booklet which covers the
1.8 Turbo 5V, the 2.8 liter V6 5V, and the 3.7/4.2 liter V8 engine.

The good news is, these Service Training booklets can now be ordered
directly from Dyment Publications 1-800-544-8021.

As of this past Friday, a listing of these Audi Service Training
publications was sent to Dyment from the VW/Audi Service Publications
department. This list was added to the Audi Index that Dyment provides
for ordering other Audi service information.

Special thanks go out to Alex Neckus and Sean Kelly who helped me coerce
the gentleman at the VW/Audi Service Publication department to finish
this Audi Index. 

I can recommend the following booklets, if you want to understand the
operation of the various Audi Engine management systems. WSP-521-208-00
WSP-521-209-00, WSP-521-213-00, WSP-521-218-00, WSP-521-228-00,
WSP-521-230-00. If anyone has questions on the content of these
booklets, I can fill in the details. 

My web page has a detailed listing of what is contained in each Training
booklet at

Here is the list of Audi Service Training Booklets available. Dyment may
refer to these as "Audi Self Study Programs". The booklets cost from
~$12-27 EACH when ordered from Dyment. Make sure you give Dyment the
full WSP xxx-xxx-xx number including the 00 otherwise it won't show up
on their computer system listing.

Dyment order #  Description
WSP-451-556-00  Audi ur-Quattro Introduction Training Manual (1982)
WSP-452-557-00  Audi ur-Quattro Maintenance Training Manual (1982)
WSP-521-138-00  Electronic Instrument Display For the Audi Coupe GT
WSP-521-139-00  Anti-Lock Brake System Testing (using 2-LED tester)
WSP-521-142-00  CIS Electronic Fuel Injection, 2nd Edition (6/86)
WSP-521-146-00  2.3 Liter Engine with CIS E-III Engine Control System
WSP-521-151-00  The New Audi 80 and Audi 90, (9/87)
WSP-521-170-00  The New Audi 100 and 200 (6/88)
WSP-521-200-00  Audi Coupe Quattro with 20 Valve Engine (5/89)
WSP-521-201-00  The New Audi V8 Quattro (5/89)
WSP-521-207-00  Audi Radio Reception Manual
WSP-521-208-00  MPI Engine Management for 80/90 Quattro 20V (4/90)
WSP-521-209-00  The New 20 Valve Turbo Engine for the Audi 200 Quattro
WSP-521-210-00  Audi 4 Speed Automatic Transmission (6/90)
WSP-521-211-00  1991 Model Change Information (9/90)
WSP-521-212-00  The New Audi 100 (1992 Model) (8/91)
WSP-521-213-00  The New Audi V6 Engine with MPI Engine Management System
WSP-521-214-00  1992 Model Change Information (3/92)
WSP-521-215-00  The New Audi 90 (4/92)
WSP-521-216-00  Audi 01F 4 Speed Automatic Transmission
WSP-521-217-00  Climate Control with Fault Memory (1992)
WSP-521-218-00  Motronic Engine Management Sys. for the Audi S4 & 4.2 l
V8 (3/92)
WSP-521-219-00  1993 Model Change Information (10/92)
WSP-521-220-00  Air Conditioning Systems with R-134a
WSP-521-221-00  The New Audi Cabrolet (11/93)
WSP-521-222-00  The New Audi A4
WSP-521-223-00  1996 Model Change Information
WSP-521-224-00  Aluminum Body Audi A8
WSP-521-225-00  The Audi A8 Design and Operation
WSP-521-226-00  ABS/EDL/TC (Bosch) 5 in Audi, Design and Operation
WSP-521-227-00  Heating and A/C Audi A8 1997 Design and Operation
WSP-521-228-00  On Board Diagnostic II, Design and Function, 2.8 liter ,
2 Valve V6 
WSP-521-229-00  1998 Audi A6 Design and Performance
WSP-521-230-00  On Board Diagnostic II, Design and Function, 
1.8 liter Turbo 5V, 5 Valve 2.8 liter V6 , V8 (3.7/4.2 liter)

WSP-521-231-00  1998 Audi A6 Component Location
WSP-521-232-00  1997 New Model Changes

Happy reading!

Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ
1988 5000TQ
1984 4000S oh no, not another Audi....
1966 VW Beetle