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torsen in the sport quattro

checking my docs on the sport quattro, it was, of course, homologated in late
1983, rather than the 1984 date i suggested. (reference robson's book, and the
zur????oksi book).  

the evo model (20-off allowed under group b rules), produced the s1, where audi
could basically do what they liked (and did).  this, according to jouko, was
raced with the torsen.  as we all know, the s1 had a pretty short competition
history, as audi withdrew from group b before it was banned (in favour of group
a) at the end of 1985.

interesting if the torsen rallied @ san remo in '85 though....

as we all know, torsens did not make it onto audi's road cars until the 1987-88
model year.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q