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1990 V8 Quattro Brakes & Floor Mats


I own a 1990 black on black QV8 with the 4.2l engine. It is a Canadian spec
car which evidently is very close to the European model. It has about
180,000km (about 108,000 miles) on it and runs quite well. The brakes on
this vehicle seem to wear out quickly and it costs a fortune to have them
fixed. The front rotors tend to warp easily. I have been told that Audi
used some unconventional design on this model in 1990 but went with more
conventional parts in subsequent years. The brakes on the newer models
evidently last longer and are cheaper to fix. I have heard of people
converting their 1990 cars to the newer style brakes but the dealer is not
particularly helpful or enthusiastic about doing this. There are some third
party shops here but I have not come across anyone who has done this or
knows what is involved. One shop thought it was not a major effort or cost
while another thought it was not feasible since the suspension would have
to be completely replaced. I do not have confidence in either of them since
neither have ever done this.

Does anyone know if it is technically and economically feasible to upgrade
the brakes on this car to newer Audi or Porsche brakes? Does the whole
suspension have to be replaced as one shop claimed?

I simply love this car and would like to keep it. There are only a few
things which belie its age. There are a few spots of rust that I will have
fixed and the driver's side floor mat is worn. The dealer wanted $500(!)
for one replacement mat. Does anyone know where I can find a more
reasonably priced replacement?


Clifford Ilkay