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>You better hurry and sell them now while you have the chance.  Once the word 
>gets out resale values are going to drop.  After all the quattro is a "dumb" 
>device that has no real world advantages.  It is no better in the snow and 
>that extra security you feel on the road is just your imagination.  They are 
>heavy ban-aids that are just compensation for a very poor chassis.  Now just 
>recently I learned my locker is also a very poor design so I have decided to 
>sell it.  After all it is next to worthless now.  All the work and trouble for 

Hmmm... Torsen is out; the open diff is out; the VC is out. I guess we're
all back to chain-driven motorcycles, eh? So what were those 2WD

It's like finding out that Viagra has some sort of bad side-effect or

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