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SCN User wrote:
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> >>I'm guessing this is the 4 cylinder engine; basically a VW.  I believe
> >the
> >>only VW of this era to get 38 mpg was the diesel rabbit, a lighter car,
> Geez, if my diesel rabbit ever went down to 38mpg I'd be looking for a
> fuel leak. Conistently averages 45-48 with ~90% freeway miles. Even the
> first motor did this while pushing 200k and compression at about %50 of new.
> All of this at 75mph with my right foot 1mm from the floor. :-) That's
> alright makes the wife's 4kq (never seen it break 30mpg) seem that much
> faster. ;-)
> clarkl

My diesel rabbit never did more than 60MPH, thats with a
tail wind going down hill. The only good thing was I did get
about 42-45mpg.