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Clear as day

>i am saying that the torsen doesn't *care* about slip angles because, in the
>vast majority of cases, they make *no* difference to the coefficient of
f>riction delivered by the tyre to the driveshaft.  reference carrrol smith.
>i am *not* talking about loss of grip here, i am talking about slip angles.
>not sure that i can make it clearer than that.
Doesn't address relative slip angles.  Neither does your reference to Smith.
Forget COF, talk cf.  Forget slip angle rear, talk relative slip angle.  Look
again at the post from Jeff in his discussions with Stan the Torsen man.  

Slip angle and relative slip angles are variables that affect torsen switch
behavior, it's in the paper, and SC confirmed it.  You are right, "it doesn't
care" cuz they are constants to the torsen.  'Cept in reality they are
variables.  Darn turns.

I know what you are saying, it's clear.  

Scott Justusson