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Pont Counterpoint

Dave writes:
>another data point scott, sorry about this, i know how you hate letting facts
>getting in the way of a good story...
>rang up my friendly dealer and asked the price for a transmission for the
>he wasn't sure, but said over $20k nzd (nobody had ever asked him before).
>i asked him for the price of the torsen, he looked it up and said $7,500.
That's one of the best I've seen.  Prolly one of those left over 87 models
from Rallying.  

I should be selling more then.  Me, I called a few weeks ago (I know it's
different in the states and all) on your torsen part number:
016 409 751A - Torsen differential  v8/20vurq

Available in the US.  1500USD.  Dealer list.

Bad exchange, or you could fly me over and I'll deliver it for you.  And show
you spiders that bite.

The facts seem crystal clear to me.

Scott Justusson