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Re: Audi to Innie Conversion

The same thing happened to my 87. A good frame (body) shop can pull it back to
normal. Also, I've never seen an exhaust cause problems other that needing to be
replaced after a rear ender.


Sargent Schutt wrote:

> Well, my Audi has been less than delicately transformed into an 'Innie'. A
> nice woman in the car behind, of her own 'Accord' decided she'd rather use my
> brakes than hers.
> So my 5 mph bumper has only about 1 mph left in it. The drivers seat is loose
> now (buh bye barcoloungers!) and the whole rear is a little tweaked.
> Thankfully the snout of the accord dove under my rear end (spared the V8
> lights). The new Stebro exhaust was still awaiting final fitments. The exhaust
> tips don't hang out too far anymore, that's for sure. Question: could other
> engine/tranny damage have occurred as a result of the forces on the exhaust? I
> want to make real sure I don't overlook anything. It is at Hoehn Audi in
> Carlsbad, CA awaiting an inspection tomorrow.
> Impact speed was prolly down to 15-20 mph, I'd guess. She had 'em locked up
> about one whole second before contact. Save the dangling exhaust (picture a
> dog w/ tail btwn it's legs), it doesn't look too bad, but on closer inspection
> rear of the car is now canted acouple mm's to the right, the crossmember below
> the trunk is a little bent up, the tire carrier compartment is cracked open,
> and the bumper cover, err, it has character. Something along the lines of a
> Mad Max euro-bumper conversion. I'm afraid the frame may be slightly tweaked,
> as the trunk and rear quarter panels line up fine, but the rear quarters do
> not line up symmetrically with the rear tires (she's hanging a little to the
> right). Bent frame?
> Anyone with substantial experience in these unfortunate matters, your help is
> appreciated. My back is also not feeling good at all. I've never actually felt
> my spinal column before. Feels strange, and definitely not good. I always
> thought the "my back - my neck" stuff was garbage. It's not. I've fallen of my
> mountain bike, skis, you name it, and never felt this. Plenty of bumps,
> bruises and one broken bone, but never the spinal column (no, no bullet holes,
> either, kind Unka). Strange feeling. See how it feels tomorrow.
> I sincerely appreciate any tips on mechanical/technical damage to look for as
> a result of this. I want to be sure they find everything. I am not the
> litigious sort, so while I will be sure to be 'made whole', spare me the sue
> her pants off talk. There's better ways to get her pants off than that. ;-)
> I may be a few days in responding. I have to fly back to MI tomorrow for my
> grandfather's funeral. Great week, eh? (and this is only the audi relavent
> stuff). When it rains it pours. And I'm in El Niņo central.
> TIA for advice on damage to look for, it will be put to good use, I assure you...
> Regards,
> Sarge
> 91 200q Down, but not out.