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Re: Tires compar. (Dunlop D40 & D60)

>How do the two tires compare in life expectancy?
>I'd assume the D60 would last longer; but if I
>only run the D40s in the summer & fall, then 
>switch to a M&S for the winter, could I get at
>least two (shortened) years out of a set of 5?
>doug q 

        Tire manufacturers use a treadwear rating called UTQG (see Tire
Rack's web site for background on this and UTQG ratings on other tires) - 

        D60A2   =       320     
        D40M2   =       200

        (D40 lasts 200% of benchmark, D60 lasts 320% in standardized test).

        However, note the 60 is h-rated all-season and the 40 is z-rated
high-performance.  Performance here is very different.  

        Bryan Kamerer