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Re: That silly fan!

Virtual Bob <h93young@creighton.edu> wrote:

>It seems like someone is re-inventing the turbocharger -- but in a very
>different way. Instead of powered by engine exaust (turbocharger) or
>engine itself (supercharger), this darn thing is really a electric fan!
>Said to cut the turbo lag if supplemented to a turbo-equipped car; or
>better fuel milage/emmissions for NA engines...

>  www.turbodyne.com

>I thought the cutting of turbo lag might have some credibility -- if
>fan is indeed strong enough (they promise 4psi from the fan) to blow
>turbo before the engine is wound up and puffing some hot air.

I requested information from them some time ago on Audi applications,
and received only a response that they would respond.  I was at least
hoping for a name of someone buying them for this purpose.  My
impression of Turbodyne is that they are mainly interested in the
turbo-diesel market, which is much larger than the NG engine owners

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